Saturday, 23 August 2014

Waikato Digital Learners keep on Learning...

The Waikato Region has celebrated the graduation of 100 digital learners and we are starting it all over again! The Waikato Computers in Homes project will take 100 more families through the programme over the next 12 months and we already have 40 new families enrolled and engaged in the programme. One of these programmes is running out of Strathmore School and is headed by Lead Tutor and Technician Tracey Trainor.

Tracey is an experienced hand at this now and manages to juggle her work in the school with running the Computers in Homes project for 20 families and continuing the Stepping Up digital literacy training. Tracey's students will tell you she goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that all her students get through their 20 hours of training. She is so inspiring that most continue on and sign up for the Stepping Up classes immediately after graduating!

Graduation for the Strathmore Families is booked for September 8th, so watch this for the update where we will bring you photos of the graduation and celebration!

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